Native Instruments Intros Traktor Kontrol S2

Native Instruments has announced Traktor Kontrol S2, a DJ performance system that provides a “2+1? setup with sample decks, as well as comprehensive mixing and effect features, based on the included  TRAKTOR PRO 2 software.

The KONTROL S2 is centered around a new compact controller hardware. It provides high-resolution jog wheels, combined with ergonomic controls for cueing, looping and effects. The integrated 24bit/96 kHz sound card, with dual stereo outputs, is based on the technology of the TRAKTOR audio interface range.

The two playback decks of the Traktor Kontrol S2 are complemented by the Sample Decks of the latest TRAKTOR PRO 2 software, which can add up to eight simultaneous one-shot samples or beat-synced loops to the mix. This effectively equips the KONTROL S2 system with a third channel that opens up a wide range of additional performance techniques.

Traktor Kontrol S2 also benefits from the same bi-directional software-hardware integration as the KONTROL S4, featuring plug & play configuration, dynamically backlit control elements and the high-resolution NHL protocol.

Traktor Kontrol S2 will be available in October for US $669.

8 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Traktor Kontrol S2

  1. I really think its way better and more creative to use ableton live instead this 700 bucks equipment thats a lot of money for such a controller and a software.

  2. This almost looks as if the left part runs a full track and the right part only a small portion (considering the constant repeating).

    Now, I'm no DJ but as Watuse also mentioned; with Ableton Live and an APC40 you could have not 1 but /many/ different samples or even whole tracks at your disposal. Even the parameter control for the effects whouldn't be a problem…

  3. My assumption is that most of these neg comments are posted from people who don't know what they are talking about. You have four decks to play full tracks, and you could use one-shot samplers instead of using two decks. Also, Traktor can sync with Ableton via midi timecode so you can get as creative as you want with both programs. This is a great dj tool and it is nice to see a company providing a integrated solution of hardware and software. Keep up the good work NI. Download the demo, and try it.

  4. I have both Traktor and Live. Traktor handles full tracks about 3 times better and quicker than Live.
    It also sounds better iwhile doing so. Live is a very great tool, but is lacking and painfully tedious working with long tracks. I know how to do it and have done it many times, but when I got Traktor,
    I said enough of the crap.

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