Slice n’ Dice Audio In Ableton (Funky Drummer Mayhem)

This set of videos, via Ryan McAllister, takes a look at using Ableton Live’s “Slice to Midi” to chop up breaks.

In this video, McAllister demonstrates how to use Live’s Sampler instrument to create multi-sample break machines that trigger different start points with different keys. This technique can be applied to most sampling software out there today.

In the last video, McAllister chops up breaks in Live’s arrangement view, demonstrating both standard chopping techniques, as well as effects processing commonly found in IDM and Breakcore.

2 thoughts on “Slice n’ Dice Audio In Ableton (Funky Drummer Mayhem)

  1. I only saw the first movie right now but I already love the series! Kudo's to you Ryan for sharing all this. And man, its fun to watch too… "Okee, that sounds like crap but it is the first way to slice and dicing", I love it 🙂

    And well; it wasn't /that/ bad IMO. I liked the 'trick' you did by creating the roll back there. Gonna experiment with that too.

  2. I think its hilarious , I am a fan of hardware. and this guy is telling us he has down time to do with 'compatabality issues' I think that is classic……… we will learn your new bit of software and then keep our fingers crossed we have no down time!!!!
    Give me hardware midi sequencing and sampling any day!!!!
    But well down for your perserverence!!!!

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