The Ultimate Filth Pack

ultimate filth pack from filthy patchesSound To Sample has introduced the Ultimate Filth Pack, a new soundset for Massive software synthesizer:

Sound developer Filthy Patches brings their dirtiest Massive bass, lead, wobble, Reese and pad presets exclusively to S2S. Precision-programmed and fully macro-controllable, they’re the ultimate Massive accompaniment.

Designed for use in dubstep, D&B, electro and bassline productions, Ultimate Filth serves up 100 of the most insane wobblers, futuristic leads and gnarly basslines we’ve ever heard.

The pack comprises of 30 Dark Wobbles, 30 Sreaming Basslines, 28 Electro Leads and Reeses, plus 12 Pads and Textures.

Each of the 100 presets comes with full macro controls auto-assigned (8 macro controls per preset) so you can tweak and twist to get your perfect preset for you tracks.

This pack is compatible with Massive v1.1.4 and higher and is available now for US $19.95.

You can preview Ultimate Filth Pack here.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Filth Pack

  1. Whats the fun in buying patches? For fucks sake, everybody now wants to sound like excision and skrillex. If you have a Synthesizer, fucking learn it, tweak it, touch it. This is where all the fun is!!

  2. +1

    Still, lets be careful not to generalize here. I mean; while you're absolutely right presets can help certain people to reach their goal more quickly. For the record: I'm not talking now about using a preset and then tweaking stuff, but aiming at using a preset and then tearing it completely apart to see how it works and /why/ it works the way it does.

    But… And this is why I think your comment is dead on: you don't need to /buy/ presets for that. Plenty of free stuff lying around for that as well.

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