Using An eeePC As A Cheap Computer Music Workstation

Andrey Gladkov demonstrates how he uses an eeePC netbook as a cheap computer workstation.

While a lot of musicians might dismiss netbook PCs as underpowered or limited, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for music. And, as shown here, they can be used to do some pretty crazy stuff.

Anybody else using netbook computers for music? If so, let us know what you’re doing in the comments!

Technical details:

Nintendo Wii Remote control Native Instruments Reaktor and Kore Player running onan  eeePC701 with Ubuntu 10.4 and Wine in real time.

7 thoughts on “Using An eeePC As A Cheap Computer Music Workstation

  1. Hey there Synthtopia!

    I've been using a netbook in my keyboard setup for a few months to play out live. I have a second hand Asus Aspire One which i grabbed from ebay for £85. I use it to run Reaper in Win XP running plugins for electric piano, organ, synths and effects. Its surprising just how much will run at once without any problems at all. I don't even use an external sound card, the built in one runs at quite low latency using Reaper's kernel streaming mode. Below is a video of us playing live with support from a Korg MS-10 and a Noise Hero.

    [youtube B7FU7ccUbhI youtube]

  2. i am running OSX on a Toshiba netbook with an Apple 'Magic Trackpad' and Reason Ver 5. installed for live gigs.
    The netbook is utilising Native Instruments 'Traktor Audio 2' as an audio interface for output and Novation launchpad (with Relaunch software) and Akai LPD8 for tactile input.
    i am quite happy with this setup, it's fun.

  3. Used to do the same thing with an eeepc back in the days, but I was craving for a bigger screen and more powerful CPU.

    That’s why I use a second-hand IBM/Lenovo X61T now. It’s a 12″ tablet pc which is really really great to draw envelopes and manipulate VSTs. You can find those beast on the internet for something like 200$ (second-hand). To me it’s the best thing tactile screens have to offer when producing, since precision is obtained through a stylus. If stylus are devils for you, multitouch versions exist for almost the same price.

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