Drum Studio On Commodore 64

History of Electronic Music: Drum Studio is a simple step sequencer for the Commodore 64, based on 32 step patterns.

Features include:

  • copy/paste to easily duplicate patterns
  • clear a voice or the whole voices
  • tempo in BPM
  • a simple but effective song mode, where you can chain patterns.
  • 7 sampled sounds
Drum Studio is copyright 1990 by Mark Wilson.

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6 thoughts on “Drum Studio On Commodore 64

  1. SAM voice?

    I used a system called Musicalc. Anyone else compose with that or SAM? It sure is surprising what you could get out of that little machine.

  2. Yes it was, in multiple ways.

    I was once involved with setting up a few demo's after some guys were able to "gain alternative access to the telephone network" which allowed them to reach oversea neighbors with a little "discount".

    In one of those demo's you could hear two of those guys talking. Couldn't make it last longer than 40 – 50 seconds and it sounded like a bad telephone line (even worse because we had a "small" problem with resources). But it was doable!

    Second you had several extensions. I used to have a sampler box which allowed me to play back sampled data. The first 1 – 1.30 minutes of a song for example were no problem.

    FAR from what you can do with samples now but still… If you know what you're doing then its amazing what you can squeeze out of a "meager" 64kb.

  3. People always say the old computers were ‘tighter’ because they werent multitasking – not sure if I could hear the difference!

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