The Neon Indian Pal198X – And What Will It Do Your Brain

Neon Indian created this video to introduce the new PAL198X – a custom synth that was created in cahoots with weapons manufacturer and boutique synth maker Bleep Labs.

Filmed at the Static Tongues Amplidrome Facility, Arctic Circle, Earth.

I don’t know what the **** I just saw, but I think I need one of these things.

The limited edition mini analog synthesizer is based on the Bleep Labs Pico Paso, with a few modifications, designed by Dr. Bleep and Alan Palomo of Neon Indian.

The biggest addition are swappable controls which allow you to attach the included potentiometers or photocells (or a number of other devices we’ll post about later) in any configuration to the three oscillators to create all kinds of triangle wave chaos.

  • Two triangle wave oscillators which can be activated independently or together, modulating each other.
  • Square LFO which affects the amplitude of both triangle oscillators.
  • 1/4? out.
  • Screw terminals allow any resistive device to control the pitch of the three oscillators.
  • 9v battery powered.

The PAL198X synth is available in the $49.99 limited edition Era Extraña package from Neon Indian.

10 thoughts on “The Neon Indian Pal198X – And What Will It Do Your Brain

  1. i really love the video’s nod to those eerie Dharma Station videos from Lost, with the film crapping out and the audio warping all the time…Great Marketing indeed

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