Korg Monotribe Schematics Now Available!

Korg has released schematics for the Korg Monotribe – officially making the new analog synth a platform for synth DIY hacking.

The Korg Monotribe schematics can be downloaded from the Korg site. Note that, to download the schematics, you have to agree that any DIY mods that you do void your warranty.

Some of the mods that we’ve covered previously:

Have you done any Monotribe mods? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe Schematics Now Available!

  1. I have my own analog synth just for my own personal use for creating or reproducing nature sounds. I still play guitar and would like my own percussion blok. My Synth is 50% from existing (but modified for my Vc and 50% my own design, but I suk at creating decent percussive sounds.
    This one looks not too elaborate – there are some serious crazies out there. I live alone and need my hobbies – I was an automation/robotics engineer in my past real life.
    Mike 52

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