Micronaut – Trapezoid

Sunday Synth Jam: MicronautTrapezoid, via Cranda11:

No DAW, no MIDI, no computer. Entire track clocked from a single Doepfer LFO. If you’re listening to this on laptop speakers, you’re only hearing about half of it.

Synthi AKS (with no AKS, obviously.)
Doepfer LFO, Intellijel uStep, Makenoise Réne
Korg MaxiKorg, MS-20, and a MonoTribe for the drums
Eventide TimeFactor, circuit-bent BOSS RRV-10, and Roland Space Echo for effects.

Recorded to TASCAM TSR-8 tape deck.

More Micronaut music at http://micronaut.bandcamp.com

8 thoughts on “Micronaut – Trapezoid

  1. God, please make this boring shit stop popping up. Its like the weather…its not news, you cant do anything about it and it ruins your day. Please taketh devices from those best left to making plugins and let the world not have to be bothered by uninspired, unintelligent, and untalented people from awful Wax Trax bands. I know you tried to stop these people before, what with the HIV and what not, but I believe it is time for bigger action. I have flowers for you and if you do not stop this crap before he whips out an OP-1 and a iPad Ill be forced to kill myself and go to hell and you’ll never get the flowers.


    ps… they’re daffodils!

  2. The difference between you guys and I is that I don’t hide behind anonymity. If I have something to say about someone, I’ll say it to them. What’s your websites? Where can I find your tracks, so I can hear what world-changing music you’ve made? Twitter account? Facebook page? Myspace? Geocities?

    Nothing. And I’ll bet any amount of money you won’t follow through and put ’em up after this, either. If you’re not willing to own your opinions, and furthermore own them in the context of what _you_ have done, then this’ll be a short conversation. “Blah blah blah. My pussy hurts because Chris Randall took 4 minutes out of my day. Wahhhh. Someone get me a tampon.”

    I will say this much, though: of all the “untalented people from awful Wax Trax bands,” there are maybe two you could say something like this to their face without getting lit the fuck up. If you ever meet me in person, please take the opportunity to remind me of this witty exchange, so we can reminisce about old times, and laugh and laugh. You can then find out if I’m one of those two people.

  3. I don’t know what’s up with all the hate. I really enjoyed this. So much so that I checked the other songs on bandcamp as well!
    The only thing that I didn’t like was being talked down to introduction.
    “Synthi AKS (with no AKS, obviously.)” I’ve seen the Synthi around but I don’t know what the acronym AKS stands for. Is it that obvious?

  4. Sorry. Hate the game, not the player, etc. But that player just made light of the fact that two of the most important people in the world to me died of AIDS, and apparently wished that happened to others of us. Hard to not get mad at that.

    That said, I didn’t mean to be patronizing. A Synthi AKS normally has a lid that has a keyboard and a simple little sequencer in it. This one is missing the lid.

  5. Nice equipment (seems like there’s at least one new piece every time I see a Micronaut video), but I like the album stuff much better. I had expected to hear something like on “particulate.” I’m sorry to read that there seem to be people out there with so much hatred that they sink to such a low level in the expression of their opinions. I don’t understand why those comments are hidden and you only get to read the rebuttal without clicking first. It’s one of those features that seems to be designed to make a person who is being attacked and dares to defend himself like a fool. And that cannot be a good thing.

    BTW, how is working with the 8-track like? I recorded on 4-track and it was very inspiring but also limiting. Having a little more room in terms of different tracks you can lay down would make me happy.

  6. You don’t see my comment because of censorship. It had as many dislikes as the first comment yet the first comment was left alone, synthtopia censors comments saddly enough and obviously some people can’t handle some internet banter. As to where’s our websites…who cares. Suck back another bottle of wahjuice, those girly twigs aren’t lighting up anyone, tinkerbell.

  7. What’s with the waxtrax hate? Adios was a great album (I think that was tvt era though…?), tkk is always fun, revco!, and the king…Pig. I remember seeing kmfdm on the symbols tour with skold…that’s just mind blowing…I could do without en esch though…he’s pretty annoying if you ask me.

    I like micronaut, this track isn’t my cup of tea, but I dig the project. I agree about the gear though…just why? I have some nice stuff too, but I’m not shoving any waldorf in anyones face… I just cc by saying take the focus off the gear. Even before I got rid of my trxox collection I never put out that the sounds were from a real 606 and 707, with a 505 through an analog bass station filter and lightly vocoded breaks from an akai s sampler into a Q….if I said that, it’d be a gear discussion, not a song discussion (‘why use a 707 and a 505, they sound the same?’ ‘Not through an analog filter into a mesa tripple rec with a xover into a 1960a and a sub with a 57 and a Blue recording it all to 1/2 inch!’) Music is one of the few things where the journey doesn’t matter as much as the result…hence why I store the basstation and a station and just use the plug ins….the end result is identical and bad ass, it wouldn’t have mattered if I used the real thing….instead of a juno I could use reason and have a whole rack full of subtractors all with slighty detuned saw tooths….if I had told you it was a juno it’d be a different discussion because no one covets software like hardware…..except just maybe Rebirth. Ill take that over a real 303 anyday, but ofcourse that’s just the way I think/work.

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