Got $560,000? Jean Michel Jarre Intros AreoDreamOne iPod Dock

Jean Michel Jarre iPod Dock

Got an extra half million or so burning a hole in your pocket?

Jean Michel Jarre has introduced the AreoDreamOne – a giant iPod dock that’s priced at € 399,000 ($ 560,000):

Showcased at the IFA this mammoth iPod dock stands tall at 11 feet (133.8 inches) and has a diameter of 16.3 inches. It is not made of gold or is studded with diamonds or shiny crystals it is a pure technological marvel and delivers a heart pounding 10,000 watts of output. It has a built in ladder so you can dock your iPhone or iPad on the top, other devices can also be connected via the 6.35mm jack or the USB port. It is available in three colors white, black or chrome for € 399,000 ($ 560,000), too bad you can show it off in your beach villa in 2012 as there is a six month waiting period.

I don’t know about you – but the six month waiting period kills the deal for me.

More photos and details below. 

AreoDreamOne Specifications

25 Hz > 20Khz
+/- 6 dB 25 Hz & 20 Khz

Total Power 10 000 W
5 Channels amplifier
Low 1 x 4 000 W
Mid 2 x 1 600 W
High 2 x 1 400 W

Output Circuitry
UMAC full band-with PWM modulator with ultra low distortion drivers
1 Subwoofer 18″ 460 mm
2 x Coaxial Mid drivers 12″ 316 mm
2 x Hi drivers 3″ 76 mm

Operation Voltage: 85 / 265 V ac

Frequency: ? 45-65 Hz

Jack 6,35 mm
30-pin pour iPod®, iPod Touch®, iPhone®, iPad®
2 XLR (Line Level)

Output: HDMI

Signal to noise ratio: 118 dB (A Weighted)

Dimensions and weight
Height: 3 400 mm (133.8 in)
Diameter: 415 mm (16.3 in)
Base external diameter: 900 mm (35.4 in)
Net weight: 395 kg (870.82 Ibs)

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