Free Ableton Live + Max For Live Effect Sequencer For The AKAI APC

Synthtopia reader Connie sent word of APC FX Sequencer – a free Max For Live effect sequencer patch by Mark Egloff.


The FX Sequencer turns your APC into a Effects Sequencing Machine that lets you use up to 8 Audio-Effects to generate sound effect patterns that range from subtle variation to extremely glitchy sounds.

To use the APC FX-Sequencer, simply load the device onto an Audio track. The APC FX-Sequencer automatically configures your connected APC40 or APC20.

Then, add up to 8 Audio-Effects directly to the right side of the APC FX-Sequencer device. The APC FX-Sequencer automatically recognizes the added Audio-Effects.

Finally, add some audio-loop and launch it.

After connecting, the top four rows of the APC’s button matrix toggle 32 steps of the currently selected Audio-Effect, while the clip stop buttons allow you to switch between the different Audio-Effects. Many of the APC’s other controls are also reconfigured. The “?” button launches built-in documentation that details how everything works.

The patch is a free download.

If you give Egloff’s APC FX Sequencer a try, let us know what you think about it!

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