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Reader Robert van Oz sent word of his ‘music experience’ Cloudroom House:

Here’s how he explains the project:

Musically and thematically the Cloudroom House deals with entelechy. By entelechy we mean the attribute of something to have its aim and perfection already within itself. The butterfly, for example, is the entelechy of the caterpillar which has its state of perfection already inside it. Entelechy is an inherent and target-orientated force the Cloudroom House is driven by to attain its aim – and you decide where.

Moreover I want to point out the piano’s evolution next to the performer’s and recipient’s evolution throughout the project. This time I play several synthesizers, organs and other keyboard instruments as well, so the songs do not only focus on the piano – this is what a ‘progressive piano’ should be able to cope with. In the introduction you will see the piano wrapped up and mummified due to transformation.

van Oz cites Michel Gondry as an influence, and his video definitely shows the results of some sideways thinking.

You can find out more about Robert van Oz’s Cloudroom House project at his site.

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