808 State – Cubik (Free Music Download)


Free Music Friday: 808 State has a freebie for you – the 21st anniversary remix of Cubik.

You can preview it above and download it from the index page of their site.

And, yes, they want your email address…….

Why are they celebrating the 21st anniversary? Did somebody forget the special day last year and end up in the doghouse or something?

7 thoughts on “808 State – Cubik (Free Music Download)

  1. The trax you made as a group with Martin Price in seem to be the ones that had more bollox.
    All the best on this 21 year old track. I was at your first gig with Mc Tunes at the boardwalk.
    All the best

  2. I agree that the tracks from the early 90 s have a fatness , theres a lot of factors in that,
    Money being one ,we had a budget to record in very nice studios with great desks , 2 inch tape
    pure analogue signal paths , great mastering engineers at the end of the process.Tasty synths.
    Also it’s amazing how much focus you can have when you’re paying by the hour for a top range studio!
    Also the fact that it was all unknown and fresh as a culture ,Inspirational records coming out around you daily and a network of places that coordinated them -Shops ,Clubs and Radio all singing off the same hymn sheet. Having said all that ,I think its amazing you can have something pretty close to a studio in a titanium tablet on your knee for the cost of 4 days of 1990 studio hire. I would nt. want to get complacent
    about that. I just wish the rest of your life did nt operate off the same screen . very distracting!.
    One thing we never envisaged back then is that this music would still have a life , given away free for the most part ,badly copied and squashed to with in an inch of its life by £30 USB record decks from Argos.
    I find my self (a long with a small group of enthusiasts) spending many hours curating the 808 State
    back catalogue , one assumes that some one is doing this as a matter of fact some where in a record company ,but its not the case and huge amounts of music can easily disappear as storage becomes too expensive ,record companies dissolve or as in recent Sony fire been burnt to the ground (many of those independent cds wont get a reprint,some of my projects included.
    There is a shift to bands managing their own catalogue and that s where we are at ,hence e mails for data bases ,we aint spamming we hate that too.
    It annoyed me that some chat rooms were calling BLUEPRINT a cash in.
    The amount of free time we’ve all put in to that project and the slice of the pie I personally will receive from a £5.95 CD would nt amount to minimal wage at Mc Donald’s .Which incidentally is where Gerald would have to go and clock on after we used to steal all night studio sessions when making our 1 st recordings. Jumpers for goal posts and it all used to be fields around here!.

  3. I think there will be another wave of buying up old hardware like in the late eighties with the analogues, scouring every shit second hand shop for a synth for 80 quid.
    I am storing up Akai samples!!! Something is getting lost in lap top land.
    I think half of the copiers and digital ipod people , perhaps miss the escense of the music and maybe there is the same number’s of proper old school record collectors and musos, who love electronic stuff and then a load of posh kids listening to it cause they’re meant to be listening to it ,(to be hip) It is out of context for the middle class .It is another thing they want in on rather than are part of.
    Manchester now, its like its been invaded by middle class dickheads.twenty one years to late!!!
    It is nice to see another downwards spiral(predicted tediously by mr Tony Wilson) which again will create the atmosphere and need for original music, not the copy cat…..posh kids and wankers like Richie Hawtin, and the super dj retard brigade!!!.
    Good to see on the edge music still alive and the people who created, still liking it.

    1. It is amusing to see people going back to their early work , it was more dynamic and extreme and perverse, that’s what in my eyes and by ears made it good. I think Grahams reply misses the point about the extreme sounding early techno , it was not the production values, if anything the shitter the gear the more you work it.
      I agree also about the cubic bassline it is a clear rip off from Model 500’s bassline from Whats the game. The crude acid house moved people, the early techno excited. I think people got lost trying to be music sophisticates instead of banging out freakey trax. It has been the likes of UR and Drexciya etc who carried the torch………. It is a great mix of cubic . Well done to the 808 state crew.

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