Sunrizer + SoundPrism Pro – Tablet Music Making Gets Sexy, Powerful

We pretty much never feature software synths for Synth Porn Saturday – because we like hardware as much as the next synth freak and because somebody will probably give us grief in the comments about changing the site name to AppTopia again.

Nevertheless, this demo video from Audanika is pretty sexy, if you’re into software synths. It demonstrates using Sunrizer, a best of class iPad software synth, with SoundPrism, a unique alternative MIDI controller based on the idea of expressing music theory in a tangible way.

The combination is both exotic and useful, because it give you an open-ended palette of sounds and a gorgeous controller that encourages you to think about music in a new way.

Sexy or not? Let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Sunrizer + SoundPrism Pro – Tablet Music Making Gets Sexy, Powerful

  1. Hi,

    I’m one of the people who make SoundPrism. Yes, this works on iPad 1 as well.
    It also works with SampleWiz, NLog. Those also support iPhone 4 and iPod touch.
    We’re in the process of submitting a new patch that should improve performance on all devices too so you can have multiple synths running (at least on iPad 2 that’s already possible).


    Sebastian Dittmann

  2. Thanks for the info Sebastian. I’ve played around with Soundprism Free, but the integration with Wifi midi is a deal maker for me to integrate with Logic. I’m working on a new large-scale piece starting this week and will probably pick up Soundprism Pro expressly for use in the new composition.


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