SONiVOX Wobble Dubstep Grime Generator – Wub Wub Wub Wub!

Sonivox has introduced Wobble – Dubstep Grime Generator, a new software synth that the say promises “pulsating grimy dubstep madness!”

We know that there is a certain portion of the Synthtopia readership that goes for anything pulsating and grimy, so here are the details……

Wobble Features:

  • New Spectral Synthesis Engine creates traditional or blazing new
    dubstep sounds
  • First of its kind Tempo-Synched Modulation Generator
  • Over 200 fat & juicy dubstep presets that can be easily tweaked into
  • New interface design for seriously fast and easy sound designing
  • Fully automatable via hardware or software control
  • SONiVOX’s Intelligent Rhythm Control (I.R.C) putting your performance
    in perfect time in realtime
  • Onboard chorus, tempo sync delay, and reverb fx
  • PC Standalone, VST and RTAS Compatibility.
  • MAC Standalone, AU, VST, and RTAS Compatibility.

Sonivox Wobble is expected to be available October 1, 2011, with a list price of US $149.99.

19 thoughts on “SONiVOX Wobble Dubstep Grime Generator – Wub Wub Wub Wub!

  1. There’s something fishy about this VST. It takes about a gig of Hard drive space and doesn’t seem to have any controls for oscillators which suggests it is sample driven. The fact they don’t mention any such details in the description is an indicator to their desired target Market…people that don’t know…and/or don’t want to know anything about synthesis and only want to make Dubstep.

    1. Well thats exactly what it is for. you’re blowing it out of proportion though. A lot goes into creating great distortion pedals for guitars but you don’t hear people complaining about it bought and used from someone who already made it.

      Everyone who makes good music isn’t a DJ. I think it is a good idea to have products like this one that way people who are into say Metal for example can throw in a little electronic and dub-step features into their songs without spending years at the computer learning Logic which is very expensive I might add. Or having to find a producer or DJ that already knows how.

      I think it will be a good product. Anything that opens up a world of possibilities to diversity in music is a good thing usually. Especially when it is affordable like this one. That way rich kids and boring bosses at lame jobs aren’t the only people who can afford to make this music.

      1. got something against us rich kids? haha just kidding. but i just bought this at guitar center yesterday, and already im finding it pretty useful. but i do think it runs on samples, because there are no oscillator controls. it kinda made me a little bummed when i figured that out. it can also load a sample, but no user samples which mad me mad. but over all, its probably not going to end up in every kids hands that knows how to download a torrent mostly because there isnt one, and 2 because it not NI. haha.

  2. As a DJ people sometimes come up to me and say: “Do you have any Dubstep?” and I just say: “No, I just play music you can dance to.” Stop the WubWub-craze NOW!

    1. As a metal fan/artist, I have to say you must really suck at DJing if you’re not going to play what people want to hear. Granted, I’m not sure who dances to dubstep and what that might look like. But isn’t your job to play what people want to hear, Disc Jockey? Not everyone is satisfied with hearing the same popular songs over and over again. That’s why I turned my radio OFF.

  3. I’m going to play the contrarian, sure the wubs are overused, sure this synth is a tad tardy to the party. But my little brother forced me to go see Skrillex last year, literally because he couldn’t drive to the show with his brand new DUI. I was ready to hate it, and part of me did. But that little goth rocked the fucking house, I was laughing it was such a completely entertaining time. His got his Massive wubs so tuned into the teen angst that I found much to respect. That’s it, carry on Emerson, Lake and fucking Palmer with your old fart criticisms. I partly agree, but remember what it was like to get excited about music that’s less than 20 years old? I came damn close that night

  4. You people sound like my grandparents. It’s always the last generation that hates on the new genres of music that later become a staple and accepted as the norm. Happens with every single genre. I’m 30 years old and I love dubstep as well as classic rock, punk, hip-hop, jazz and classical and I contribute that to being open minded. Dubstep is actually very difficult to produce, most producers can’t do it. It doesn’t sound difficult from a musical perspective but from a production/programming it’s very time consuming and detail oriented. I’ve been producing all genres of music as a living for over 10 years and nothing challenged me like dubstep did. Rock music is a breeze compared to dubstep. So keep hating people but you only show your own close mindedness.

  5. I bought this product and it is worthless. Stay away from any of Sonivox’s products. This is a total scam. The youtube video is not how this plugin sounds. it is much worse. Not even one usuable patch. Pathetic.

  6. Quick question n I hope ill get some solid answers…I went to guitar center and the manager there told me if I want to get into making beats for dub step I should download wobble. Now with that being said, people who have already downloaded this is it worth it? And just to be safe did you have any type of viruses that happened after the download? Thanks guys and girls…I appreciate it.

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