Genome MIDI Sequencer Update Bringing Background Support

Genome MIDI Sequencer

White Noise Audio Software has announced an update to Genome MIDI Sequencer.

Genome MIDI Sequencer is coming soon and will bring support for running the app in the background, letting you tweak synths while sequences run.

Here’s what’s new in Genome MIDI Sequencer 1.0.2:

Genome MIDI Sequencer will be getting background support, improved CC drawing and fixes to MIDI recording.

With ‘background’ support, Genome can continue to run in the background while sending midi sequences to other apps like NLog PRO and Sunrizer. Additionally, you can record notes and CC’s from those apps while you play.

Realistically, users can expect to be able to control 2-4 other background apps at once before hitting the limit of what the iPad can do. More than that will probably require better hardware (iPad 3 anyone?). Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

The update isn’t a huge one – but will bring some features that are going to be very welcome to anyone that wants to run this with synths on the same iPad.

3 thoughts on “Genome MIDI Sequencer Update Bringing Background Support

  1. this is epic! i have been using this with sunrizer and mobeat on my ipad and bassline and sunrizer xs on my itouch 4g and it is awesome! background will make it even more so …

  2. I just purchased it but I am having issues figuring out how to change note length. It seems like all it supports is quarter notes. Granted, I just got it but there is very little info given on White Noises’ help page.

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