New Discs For The Vako Orchestron – Flute, Cello & Vibraphone

Back in the day, before sample libraries and before digital samplers, there were primitive sample playback keyboards like the Mellotron, the Optigan & the Vako Orchestron. Their lo fi characteristics make them interesting instruments, despite their multiple flaws.

For several years, has been creating new and updated discs for the Optigan and Orchestron. Their latest discs include three libraries for the Vako Orchestron: Flute, Cello & Vibraphone.

Here’s a demo of the Cello disc:

  • Flute is remastered from original Orchestron master tapes.
  • Cello is another remastered disc from the original Orchestron linup
  • Vibraphone is a new library that features vibe patterns. Each note on the keyboard plays back a simple rhythmic pattern. When you play chords, the patterns interlock in complex ways to created a hypnotic effect.
You can preview Vibraphone below:

via optigandotcom

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