Facebook Synth Legion Now 10,000+ Strong!

Facebook Synthbook Army

The Synthtopia Facebook Synth Legion is now 10,000+ strong!

That’s insane!

I am humbled by the size and dedication of the Synthtopia audience and I thank you for your support.

We must be doing something right….but if you’ve got suggestions for how you’d like to see us work better with Facebook, or any other suggestions for that matter, let us know.

We do listen to your feedback. We fixed the ugly type spacing, right?

Link: Synthtopia on Facebook

13 thoughts on “Facebook Synth Legion Now 10,000+ Strong!

  1. I think we could arrange some group buys from software/hardware companies! Maybe a synthtopia exclusive livid controller, or synthtopia library for horizon!

    1. What AfroDJMac said below!

      We updated the site and the RSS feed had to change because of this.

      We put an RSS redirect on the old feed, but it seems that a lot of clients don’t recognized that.

      So we put a giant ugly orange RSS logo on the right sidebar and will keep it there for a couple of weeks.

      Thanks for checking on this!

  2. If my employer is to be believed, it is vitally important to change things needlessly and continually in order to demonstrate progress. Meanwhile, let’s have more videos of Jordan Rudess enthusing about Apple products, please.

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