H.G. Fortune Intros Scapes Wizard 2 Pro Soundscape Generator For Windows


H.G. Fortune has introduced Scapes Wizard 2 Pro, a soundscape generator instrument for Windows.

ScapesWizard is a machine for creating soundscapes, with very different control concept by triggering different samples assigned to keys via keyboard, or, using ‘Lazy Sequencer’ to play the sets in sequence, or at random with varying intervals of step lengths. 

There are two different sound engines: Slow Motion Scapes (Main Slot 1&2), OneShots and Loops (FX, Natural, etc.) (Main Slot 3 & 4).

Each slot has a dedicated sound modifier (color with resonance) plus pan, & delay with two sets of knob settings for most controls. There are 2 x 24 samples (= 2 x 2 octaves) in direct access via keyboard and 2 sets to assign waves to keys with an optional pitch offset of +/- 12 semitones at each slot plus a further +/- 12 semitones per wave, slot and patch. This makes 96 samples in straight access with a tuning range of max. +/- 2 octaves.

Lazy Sequencer’s Ghost Mod will move (morph) between the two sets of knob settings and this motion is visible on the GUI by respective knobs in motion. Nearly every knob has a selectable mod source.

You can preview Scapes Wizard 2 Pro above.

Scapes Wizard 2 Pro for Windows (VST) costs 79 EUR, but is 49 EUR through Oct 31, 2011. Details at the H.G. Fortune site.

7 thoughts on “H.G. Fortune Intros Scapes Wizard 2 Pro Soundscape Generator For Windows

  1. Is it just me or do these H.G.Fortune plugins really all sound the same?
    I mean, I even bought one, and like it for what I use it, but they have released at least 5 new once since I bought that one, and I can’t really tell in what they differ…

    1. you might as well say any piano does sound the same, any organ does sound the same, any moog does sound the same. So you better wash your feet to let the mud drop down to clean your ears :p

  2. If I ever get to score the remake of 2001 I will do it all on this thing. Otherwise, can’t really see as I’d get much use out of it.

  3. I make the beta tester for two months, some SF2 and 230 demo files. Can’t miss it, it’s like a drug in my mind. Thank you very much HGFortune!

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