Analog Synth Jam, Inspired By John Carpenter

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, Carpentry, by br0therl0c0, was inspired by the synthesized soundtracks of John Carpenter.

Technical details below. 

via br0therl0c0:

I put this together just for fun. While messing with my new Taurus bass pedals, I was inspired to create a stark and simple synth soundtrack in the style of the great John Carpenter.

Everything is sequenced/played live and is entirely analog except for the drums. No effects except for a little MF-104Z analog delay on the SEM.

Playing the bass pedals with my right foot. Out of frame, but that’s why I’m looking down so much…

Electribe Drums, Taurus 3 bass, Prophet ’08 filter sweep, Voyager Old School bass notes, Andromeda strings, and sequences on MacBeth MK1 modules and an Oberheim SEM driven by the Moon M-569 sequencer.

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