Digital Guitar Cover Of Skrillex/Benassi’s Cinema

This is an official demo video for the Misa Kitara digital guitar, but we’re featuring it as a Sunday Synth Jam, because it skips the usual blah blah blah of official demo videos and goes straight into synth jam territory.

Less talkin’ and more rockin’.

The synth jam is a digital guitar cover/remix of the Skrillex/Benassi track, Cinema. Vocal samples are mapped to the low E string frets 13-24. The sustain function is used to play multiple parts simultaneously.

5 thoughts on “Digital Guitar Cover Of Skrillex/Benassi’s Cinema

  1. Not bad! Not into the dubstep kinda thing, not my cup of tea, but it definitely peaked my interest in this controller….

  2. I have to agree. Though I am definitely not a big dubstep fan/listener, I think that this is a great performance to show that dubstep does not have to be that “unmusical” genre, as so many tend to write it off. Yes, of course it is mainly produced in a DAW, and yes of course most electronic music producers don’t have any significant skills at playing actual instruments – but who cares? After all, what matters is that there are people who like the result and to most of them it does not matter how the music was created…

    I think that this is a great example to show that even modern electronic dance music can be PLAYED…by the right people, of course 🙂

    1. Agreed. It shows it can be an actual instrument rather than a toy. That being said, what he’s playing is so basic that pretty much anyone could do that on a keyboard too without much effort. So, as a controller it’s still a bit gimmicky. I’d like to see a skilled guitarist attempt something somewhat challenging on this controller to see if it can keep up, and if it offers anything unique. For instance, do something akin to fingerpicking on a chord while bend/sliding some notes in between chords, but drive some modern sounds. That would start to pique my interest.

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