Trance Live Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a polished live trance performance, by Aksel.

Technical details below.

via AkselPL:

Hi, As i promise, i made a movie which shows how to play/record trance in real time without using Software(only to record track no effects and editing!).

The Blofeld works only as a midi controller in this movie.

Yes, M3 has installed Radias on board.

9 thoughts on “Trance Live Performance

  1. Quite nicely done indeed.
    Although I have to admit that I am on to you… I spotted the “youtube” logo in the lower right corner of that synth, so you’re probably streaming the whole thing, right? πŸ˜‰

    ok, lame joke πŸ™‚ Very nicely performed!

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