New Synth Video Series – ADSR

Reader Marty sent word of his new synth-focused video series:

Hi Synthtopia,

I have started up a new online video series called ADSR – looking at musicians and their music process… and very aimed at the synth/audio geeks out there.

The first episode is on Donney Benet, an Aussie Miami VIce loving guy. He plays a Little Phatty, Prophet 08, Yamaha drum machine, mattel drum toy and guitar to record an improv track.

The next episode is of Seekae and their Ableton Live setup, then Jonti who is signed to Stones Throw. More to come!

Plans for the series, which is hosted at, are to interview musicians, “discuss music, get insights into their writing process, gear they use and hints and tips for you musicians out there.”

10 thoughts on “New Synth Video Series – ADSR

  1. Have we established yet why fonts on this website now look like complete ass?

    Like magically appearing umlauts?


  2. I haven’t had any problems with the type. You might want to actually use the feedback link, though, instead of raising the issue in a comment.

    On topic – I’d never heard of this guy, but liked the video!

  3. I’d never heard of the dude either prior to the video. But it was pretty cool, I dig his sound.

    I’m looking forward to more!

  4. This website is a combination of useful gear and software news and videos of basement dwelling weirdos with a ton of gear and little talent. I’m really into the first half of that equation, but I just can’t figure out why you keep posting these horrible performances from nobodies.

    1. dv- Donny Benet doesn’t meter high on your swag counter? Sad face. DB was improvising… you expecting Oxygene IV? And dont worry the next video is an interview with Skrillex on how to make a killer dubstep bassline! That should cheer you up. Love Marty <3

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