Rhythm Droid Interview

MOODS – A Portrait of Rhythm Droid is a mini-documentary about Tokyo-based musician Rhythm Droid (Devon Hughes),┬ádirected and produced by Devin Curry.

You can find out more about Rhythm Droid in this interview at tashed.com.

via RhythmDroid:

Explore what makes Rhythm Droid tick as he works in the studio and offers some of his perspectives on electronic music production.

7 thoughts on “Rhythm Droid Interview

  1. I liked the movie. And when looking at 3:50 into the movie (when he’s on that roof) I also think he may want to look into Maschine a little more since its perfectly capable of performing such sound effects by itself these days.

    Still; who cares if this is a “nobody” on an international scale? Most often those “nobodies” can be much more creative and deep into their work than “famous” people are.

    Like some time ago when some hot shot DJ explained his setup (honestly don’t know his name anymore; it doesn’t interest me that much). While the story was sort of interesting it soon turned out that he didn’t really create the setup himself but simply paid another firm to build it all up for him. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with that it is a lot less interesting (IMO) than seeing some “nobody” like this who actually uses his own two hands to build upon his material. From creating samples to soldering hardware together.

    And yes, while I agree that some demo’s sounded a bit common to me it doesn’t take away the achievement. At least he’s playing in some big clubs, can you say the same?

  2. I 2nd this, well said. Too many movers and shakers out there without any content and luckily this looks like he ain’t one of them.

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