14 thoughts on “MIDITribe, A MIDI In Interface For The Korg Monotribe

  1. Something that should have come standard judging by the relative simplicity of the connections displayed in the video.
    Awesome to see someone has done it though.

  2. First we would like to thank you for your interest in our product.

    We are proud to announce that the REV 2 of the MIDITRIBE is already available on eBay or on our website, check it out:


  3. LOL $75 + $24 shipping? You gotta be kidding! I know someone who sells readily soldered kits for €7.50. That’s around $10

    1. Well, certainly your friend is not selling the same kit as ours, $10 won’t even pay for the parts, consider the hard work to put it all togheter and to find the right parts, plus the abusive taxes and fees that you’ll have to pay to sell it over the internet, and last but not least international shipping inside a solid box with included insurance and tracking number for only $24,00. Now you do the math, our profit over the total $99,00 is around $33,00. We are a company, not a charity, and as such we do have to cover costs. Our product is the most inexpensive Pro Retro-Fit Kit for an Analog Synth ever made and it is certainly the most safe method to add MIDI IN functionality to your MONOTRIBE, if it’s not enough for you, please be our guest, go ahead and fry your MONOTRIBE using some crappy cheap kit.

  4. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to make any profit but I know the cost of the parts which is less than $10 so maybe you’re buying from the wrong source. And you could save by ditching the screw-on part where the wires for the midi bus connector go and replace it with a simple push-on connector. Besides that it’s a few minutes soldering so I really think $75 is expensive. Oh and I think you know as well as I do that the parts are the same so please don’t try to scare people by saying they’re going to fry their Monotribe when choosing a cheaper midi mod. It’s like HP saying you can only use their ink cartridges because non OEM carts will ruin the printer.
    But let’s stop arguing. I’m not even going to press the “Dislike” button.

    1. Dear Nisei, we are not here to argue, we are here to help, but we can’t just sit in here and whatch you creating a myth based on ignorance. To say that the parts are the same only proves your ignorance on the subject, there are dozens of manufactures for each part, as there are many circuit choices for interfacing MIDI to the MONOTRIBE, you see, you don’t even know which IC we are using or how we connect it. One classic example are the 1% tolerance resistors we use, which costs 5x the price of regular resistors. We will not decrease the quality of our product to make it a few dollars cheaper, in fact, what we are doing is the opposite, we are making it better and keeping the same old price, have a look to our website and you will see, MIDITRIBE is currently on Revision 3 and there is more coming. We are not selling parts here, what we sell is a complete solution, when you purchase a MIDITRIBE you are paying for instant gratification, no soldering work is required, you also pay for safety not only the high quality parts but a top quality shipping to insure you will receive your item without any damage, a service that still very inexpensive for what it is, you also pay for the manual which took us a month to get done and user support which we will provide to any customer at anytime, last but not least you pay for the abusive taxes and fees we are charged for selling it over the internet. Now, don’t try to dimish other people’s work saying that it’s only a few minutes soldering, cause it isn’t, it take us an hour or so to get a MIDITRIBE assembled, fully tested and packaged, not to mention the hard time we have tracking the right parts prior the assembly process, if you have a closer look to the pictures you will see that there are parts like the PCB holder which are hand made, can you figure how time consuming it is?
      We are not saying that no one could make it as good as we are doing, what we are saying, and it is a fact, is that there’s no other company doing it at the moment, if your intention is to do so, we wish you good look, we are not afraid of competition. You don’t have to come here and make a scene just introduce your self to the market or to get a discount, if that’s what you want, please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

  5. Well done miditribe people why is is it that some people think that someone running a business should give all of their hard work away for next to nowt this is the same attitude that expects a muso to give thier work away free my attitude to these people bug off and dont waste my time hopfully there will be enough people out there that will support your product and reward you according to your effot


      I am currently thinking of purchasing the monotribe and I want to use it along with my microkorg synth. I am a beginner synth-user and would love to have the capabilities of the monotribe combined WITH my microkorg, but are you saying that without the MIDI IN mod, it wouldn’t really work together? thanks, and way to go on the video, super simple and easy to follow!


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