Detroit Techno – The New Music (Vintage Video)

Here’s a vintage documentary on the history of techno, Detroit: The Blueprint of Techno.

This video, from the late 1990’s, features Terrence Parker, Mike Huckaby, Juan Atkins, Ritchie Hawtin, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Rolando, Jeff Woodward, Gary Koral, Josh Glazer, Jon Ozias, Theorem, DJ Dunebugg, (with cameos by Mike Grant, Brian Bonds, Don Waxmaster D Smooth, Hugh C, and Todd Weston).

Not only does this offer a historical view of Detroit techno, it captures a few artists back when they had hair.

via TParkerMusic, varietyofsound

5 thoughts on “Detroit Techno – The New Music (Vintage Video)

  1. Get the ideas down quickly and move on…Love that concept, all my work is about this. To me that is the whole idea of this music. Constant evolution, never look back and dont try to sound like someone else…just sound like yourself 😉
    Thanks for the vid!

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