5 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Daft Punk Helmet

    1. I guess all hobbies would be considered a waste of time and money. That would include all of us with a love of making music but who aren’t earning our living doing so. Chill a little and appreciate the talent, artistry and energy that this helmet represents.

      And quite frankly, his work is so good that if I had a prop shop in Hollywood, I would consider bringing him on board; he obviously knows his craft – so maybe it really isn’t that big of a waste of time and money…it might be a great hook into a career.

    2. If you did your research you would know that Volpin (guy who made it) gets commissioned to these projects (aka he got paid). He also makes tons of money from selling the molds to the average consumer (the “omg daft punk helmet I want!!!” people). He recently quit his full time job to do props 24/7. So, big waste of time and money? Nope, and nope.

  1. Well, at least somebody still makes something in America. I doubt any Chinese designer/builders would go through all that trouble to make something so slick and apparently useless. I hope they move some units, nonetheless. I mean, the Gort dummies around LA are still out in force, so somebody is buying these things.

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