Free BroStep Rack For Ableton Live

Free Live RackAfrbroDJMac sends word of his latest free Live rack, BroStep Rack:

Yo SynthBropia!

I come with news of a synth that emulates the crazy vowel formants and dirty destruction of the most beloved of all new musical genres, Brostep. I’ll have to leave it to the Brostep experts to grade it on its authenticity, but nonetheless, I think it is capable of making some cool sounds. (Built with the Operator synth).

What is brostep? It’s a new enough genre that it’s hard to pin down without just point out artists like Rusko that are associated with it. Some say that it’s an dubstep variant, with less emphasis on bass and more on aggressive mid-range sounds.

If you want to get typical brostep sounds, though, you could start by using a tempo-synced LFO modulating the cut-off frequency of a bro-pass filter.

You can download the Brostep free live rack at the AfbroDJMac site.

5 thoughts on “Free BroStep Rack For Ableton Live

  1. take this shit down!
    Why why why are you even mentioning that pathetic sub-genre?? It’s a stain on musical history, just like tech-step was.
    He makes me cringe. HARD.

  2. you could’ve tried to make the point without sounding like a dick yourself…. The point which is do we really need an update everytime this guy makes a free rack? there are tons of people out there providing ableton hacks, racks, scripts etc that aren’t featured here prominently, so what gives?

    1. I tend to agree with you, but I think the issue here is quality.

      Although I can’t grab his earlier stuff in comparison (I don’t go for “free download, please fill out this registration form”) his recent stuff is pretty slick IMO. The only thing which surprises me when looking at several of his devices is that he seems to take a liking for LFO’s 😉 But given his profession and the genre which he addresses that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Nitpicking here: you don’t pick up free racks, you pick up free livesets, sometimes even consisting of multiple (free) racks.

      The reason I’m mentioning this is because it makes a difference. When looking at this “Super Bass” download the liveset as a whole gives you several very interesting examples on how to use the rack itself. In this particular example only controlling the filter frequency by clip envelopes but when listening to the result you’ll realize the impact.

      Another example is his glitch machine (part 2). Same applies; live set which holds examples which give you a good head start out of the box.

      For that particular example: Track “original”; two clips holding audio data. Easy huh? Well; double click, shift-tab, disable all devices and play the clip (either one although I actually grew to like the “B&C down in history” approach).

      Now turn the effects back on and repeat.

      ‘nough said, honestly 😉

      Yes; I’m quite the critic too at times (no comments ;-)) and while putting a grain delay, distortion & limiter may seem easy enough at first, that assumption (which I honestly had at first) is quickly blown away when you open up said device and take it apart to see what’s happening.

      Now, as mentioned before; I cannot comment on his earlier devices. But solely basing my post here on this device, the ‘Super bass’ and the ‘Glitch machine’ (part 2, not that it matters) I can honestly understand that Synthtopia is sharing all this.

      Try it out yourself, you’ll see.

    2. sabs

      We cover free music software just about every day. In a typical week, we’ll mention free VSTs, free AU’s, free mobile music apps, free sample libraries and free Live Racks.

      Give AfroDJMac credit, though, for going the extra mile. He’s committed to releasing an Ableton freebie every week. And he’s been doing it, consistently, providing video demos, download links and commentary at his site for every single one.

      More developers need to follow through on their work, like this.

      How many free (and commercial) music apps do you see released that don’t have an audio or video demo, that are from sources that haven’t built up any credibility or that have their downloads hosted on those spam-filled free hosting sites?

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