Free Windows Software Synth, Phutura, Emulates Roland Alpha Juno

Free Music Software: Phutura is a free VST for Windows that’s designed to emulate the Roland Alpha Juno synth.

The Alpha Juno is known for the classic ‘Hoover’ sound, which is recreated using Phutura in the demo above. 


  • Polyphony: 8 Voices (+ 8 release reserve).
  • Oscillators: 3 Oscillators (Sawtooth, Pulse and Sub, with 4-6 subtypes each) and White Noise Waveform.
  • Filters: Non-resonant High Pass Filter (4 modes) and Resonant Low Pass Filter.
  • Modulators: LFO, ADSR Envelope, Pitch Bender, Mod Wheel and Key Tracking.
  • Effects: Chorus.
  • MIDI: Automation of all interface controls is possible.
  • Patches: 128 Patches (80 presets in Hoover, Bass, Lead, Pad, Polyphonic, Synth & Sound FX categories; and 48 blank User Patches).
  • System: Windows with 32-bit host.

Phutura is a free download from

If you give it a try, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Free Windows Software Synth, Phutura, Emulates Roland Alpha Juno

  1. I love this synth. Big Phat oscillators. Capable of some awesome basses , and its compact , and without all the unnecessary bloat that seems to accompany most synths these days. Love it !!

  2. Save your money buying any other emulation, and most particularly FUCK Audio Realism’s ReDominator. I got all the sounds contained in that worthless piece of crap synth within a half hour, just to reek vengeance on Audio Realism’s super shit customer support. FUCK all the other “emulations”, you can get and create all you need with this.

  3. I had this for a year or 2 and never really gave it my full attention, I thought it would be perfect if I ever needed a “Hoover” sound and that was about it.
    Recently I had a proper session with it, OMG, this VST is amazing, I never realised it was modelled on the Roland Alpha so precisely. What a lovely big fat sound, perfect for big basses, but also does leads, strings, pads and SFX. The sound of it holds its own against many paid for big names that’s why I am using it more and more, that and its easy to use layout and MIDI control. Thank you so much Phuturetone !

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