Native Instruments Intros Damage ‘Cinematic Percussion’ Instrument

Native Instruments has introduced Damage, a new instrument that offers ‘hard-hitting cinematic percussion for professional movie scoring and high-impact music production’.

Created by sound design house Heavyocity and powered by the Kontakt 5 engine, Damage combines industrial sounds and orchestral percussion. The instrument is based on over 25,000 individual samples recorded in 24bit/96Kz, resulting in 30 GB of source material. Sounds were captured in a variety of locations, including a Connecticut junkyard, and range from traditional instruments to exploding cars and cranes dropping objects from great heights.

Damange contains over 700 beat-sliced percussive loops as well as 58 multi-sampled kits, including an arsenal of unique “Damage Hits” for distinctive stings and transitions. Loop Menus can be mixed and matched easily to create complex layered rhythms, while Single Loops offer detailed playback control for intuitive sound tweaking. Certain kits are based on sophisticated ensemble-style recordings, with multiple velocity and round-robin layers, to provide true performance dynamics and a wide range of impact.

The sounds are complemented by a specifically designed effects section that includes the versatile new Trigger FX 2.0 real-time sound mangling suite as well as the central “Punish” knob for seamless increases in pressure and intensity. As a Kontakt-powered instrument, Damage offers all relevant playback and sound shaping functionality through the free Kontakt Player software. All sounds can also be loaded into the full version of the KONTAKT 5 sampler for advanced sound editing.

Damage will be available in November for US $339.

7 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Damage ‘Cinematic Percussion’ Instrument

  1. This library looks and sounds strictly genre-specific and border line useless. At any price point…
    Being an early Heaviocity fan and user of Evolve and Mutations I+II, I’m not writing this happily.
    But there is a limited number of ways to make metal-manipulation sonically interesting & meaningful…
    IMHO, those were exhausted by the likes of Samplelogic, Troels Folmann and Heaviocity themsles…
    What a waste of skills & resources!
    Waiting for the next one…

      1. I hope it will!

        If they’d only come up with a brass instrument in the spirit of their Session Strings, I’d probably try to save money for the whole Ultimate package. Oh, and it also needs drums from the 40s and 50s. I wanna get my smoky jazz club thing going!

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