4 thoughts on “Herb Deutsch On The Origin Of The Minimoog Synthesizer

  1. I definately felt heart broken when he was made to stop talking about Mr. Moog’s proposition of creating a triangle wave instead of the sine because it was near impossible.

  2. Interesting stories, but it’s too bad they had to rush him along.

    Can’t blame the panel moderator, but they could have done an hour with just Herb Deutsch.

    1. I’d agree that it was a bad format for getting the most out of Deutsch – he’s one of the few people that was there at the creation of the Moog synthesizer, so you want to hear the full story, not a soundbite.

      Looks like the moderator may have been Brian Kehew, who’s part of The Moog Cookbook and co-wrote Recording The Beatles. Trying to shoehorn Deutsch’s comments into this format would have been a thankless task.

      What’s captured here is great stuff – but left me wanting a lot more.

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