BlipBox Open Hardware MIDI + OSC Controller

BlipBox Controller

The BlipBox is a new open hardware MIDI/OSC controller that can be used as a creative tool and music instrument, a large high-resolution X/Y touch controller and an 8×10 LED matrix.


  • The unit can be used together with a computer when in USB mode
  • In USB mode you can power the unit direcly via USB, so you don´t need an external power supply.
  • You can use it as a standalone MIDI controller, due to its separate MIDI output.
  • It can be used as a touchscreen Monome emulator
  • It’s an open source product so you can hack it, re-program or abuse it… whatever suits your needs.

It’s available now for £165 or as a kit for £90.

Technical Details:

The BlipBox can be a MIDI as well as a OSC controller. Besides applications as high resolution two-dimensional X/Y controller with visucal feedback by the LED matrix further functions are possible when used together with the free BlipZones editing software.

This software edits the BlipBox´ parameters and lets you do most things you would expect: configure zones, save and load to file, upload and download to the BlipBox. With the BlipZones you can split the BlipBox into eight independent zones – each of them can act as a button (momentary / toggle) or as a fader (horizontal / vertical). Each zone can send almost every type of MIDI message: Control Change, Note on/off, NRPN, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Channel Pressure.

On the other hand the BlipZones makes it possible to use the box directly as a MIDI controller for your computer, without the need for an external MIDI interface. Additionally there´s a BlipBox emulator available on your computer´s screen for direct control of your DAW. The emulator can be synchronized to the BlipBox.


  • USB socket (type B)
  • MIDI output
  • input for external power supply (9V DC, 140mA, 2.5mm pin diameter, positive tip)

5 thoughts on “BlipBox Open Hardware MIDI + OSC Controller

  1. I love the number of $100-$200-ish kits coming out. Need 16-bit synth? get a MeeBlip. Need a analogue mono-synth? a Fatman. Want a blend of the two? Get a Shruthi. Want a midi sequencer/drum machine? Get a Beat-707. Want a cheap and pretty monome emulator? Get a BlipBox.

    These are exciting times for people who prefer hardware, and dont mind soldering.

  2. Wow I’ve been waiting for this since I lit that Mexican fuse to my Aurduinognome, soldering and certain personality types don’t get along, and that $600 entry point to see if j can finally conquer my open sound control insecurities with a real ma,nome anim ome seemed like a gamble. But this, this takes the whole thing down a notch to Launchpad-shit-Ill-give-it-a-go price range. Can u really make a song of 72 Beatles classics and an Amen break? Can porn be represented with 64 buttons? Both at the same time? I finally am going to find out!

  3. Could this be attached to a synth module and have the synths parameters in certain ways to use this in a similar way to a kaossilator?

  4. Im sure it wouldn’t be difficult, x axis baing pitch, y axis being modulation amount. Problem is that you need to quantize the pitch, unless you just want sound FX out of the synth. Plus an extra Way to control gate would be nice, maybe just throw a button on the thing and call it a day.

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