CSound For Live Coming October 17th


Power-hungry Ableton Live users will be getting another fix come October 17th, with the release of CSound for Live.

If you’re not familiar with CSound, it’s a programming language optimized for sound rendering and signal processing.

CSound for Live is a suite of audio plugins that combines the real time performance capabilities of Ableton Live, the stable and customizable interface design of Max/MSP (through Max For Live), and the synthesis power of CSound. CSound for Live was created to spread the use and understanding of CSound, by creating plugins that accessible to both Csound experts and those who have never run a CSD.

No knowledge of Csound is necessary to use this collection – but the developers say that they have made every effort to help you learn. By clicking on the nameplate for each plugin you will launch an [about] panel that includes a short description of the synthesis taking place, a list of the opcodes that are doing most of the work (that can be clicked on to take you to their Csound Manual entry), and a list of resources.

It looks like CSound for Live will require Max For Live, in addition to Live itself. So, the cost of entry to get access to CSound for Live will be pretty high. For Live users, though, the combination hugely expands the creative possibilities.

There’s a lot to CSound for Live, so check out the two part overview, below, for more details.


Wigbert “WigGz” Caro of the production team Dice Motion discusses how he has integrated CsoundForLive into his with workflow with Ableton Live.


In addition to the 120+ plugins created by the CsoundForLive team, developers from around the world are creating their own Custom 6 Packs.


The Matt Hines Pack 6 Pack, from Berklee keyboardist and producer Matthew Hines, features a range of synthesis tools – from an Organ emulation, to real time spectral processing, to a new form of Cross Modulated Synthesis: Cross Mod FM.

Pricing information is to come.

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