Introducing Pro Tools 10 & Pro Tools 10 HDX

Avid has announced Pro Tools 10 & Pro Tools 10 HDX, the next generation of the industry-standard studio DAW.

Here’s what’s new in Pro Tools 10:

  • Speed up editing and mixing with Clip Gain, and easily adjust and match gain levels, pre-mixer (watch the video)
  • Use multiple audio formats in a session—including interleave—without file duplication
  • Record and master higher resolution sound with more headroom in 32-bit floating-point format
  • Get great responsiveness on slower hard drives with the enhanced disk handler
  • Record in low-latency mode, with direct monitoring when using third-party audio interfaces
  • Get the sound of System 5 console EQ and dynamics with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in
  • Get access to over 500 additional Pro Tools commands when using EUCON controllers (watch the video)
  • Work more easily with AudioSuite-rendered clips with reverse processing, handles, and more (watch the video)
  • Create extra long-format projects for sequential versioning with the extended 24-hour timeline
  • Open fade-heavy sessions faster and get better responsiveness with real-time fades
  • Export mixes directly to SoundCloud to share and promote your music to the world

Pro Tools HDX

Pro Tools HDX is the evolution of Pro Tools|HD, featuring support for more tracks, more headroom, and up to 5x more dedicated DSP power.

Pro Tools HDX Features:

  • Unleash your creativity with up to 5x more power per card than Pro Tools|HD Accel
  • Mix bigger, better mixes faster with 256 tracks (up to 768) and double the I/O per card, plus 4x more ADC
  • Get higher resolution sound and more headroom with the floating-point architecture
  • Compose, record, edit, and mix with the award-winning Pro Tools HD software toolset
  • Capture and reproduce audio with pristine clarity using Pro Tools HD Series interfaces
  • Increase your power and track counts by simply adding additional cards
  • Supports the AAX plug-in format for better workflow and sound parity with native systems (watch the video)

Here’s an official technical overview of Pro Tools 10:

See the Avid site for details on Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 10 HDX.

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  1. fuck pro tools.
    Fuck sound engineers.
    Fuck the music industry.
    Fuck this website.
    what am I doing here?

    No but srsly fuck AVID. (and all the engineers in the video and skywalker sound)

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