Free Moog Animoog Halloween Presets

Moog Music has released a collection of ‘unsettling and bone-chilling’ sounds that are available as a free download for Animoog, their recently released iPad synthesizer:

The add-on to Animoog includes presets that span the range from sci-fi to horror, and, in some cases, look like their names. Users can watch for the Zombie Hand, run from the Cyclops, escape the Evil Portal, and avoid the Scythe of the Grim Reaper.

Note: The preset library is a free download via the Moog site, but an email address is required.

Animoog is available in the App Store for $.99 through Nov 18th.

8 thoughts on “Free Moog Animoog Halloween Presets

  1. Become a member and subscribe to the news letter, then they send you a link, download and then unzip. Then from there open up iTunes and go to app file share and pick Animoog then add all the presets. And that’s it. I hope that helped.

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