Digitech iPB-10 iPad Pedal Board Review

This video, via SonicState, takes a look at the Digitech iPB-10 iPad Pedal Board.

The iPB-10 is a unique effect board that includes an iPad dock. This lets it have a gorgeous user interface for modifying set ups – but some may hesitate to put their $500 iPad into stompbox on the floor.

See what Rich has to say about the Digitech iPB-10 – and then let us know what you think of the concept!

6 thoughts on “Digitech iPB-10 iPad Pedal Board Review

  1. It looks interesting but the Pedalboard itself is $499, though a slight bit cheaper on certain websites. That is kind of a crazy price for a standalone board. If It was half that, I could see the allure.
    If your going to use it in a studio setting, the Alesis enclosure would seem like a better deal, as you wouldn’t really need the foot pedals, unless you just have to have that wah wah or volume control.

    It may have great sounds on the app, but taking a delicate expensive Ipad on the road or on a gig and having my feet around it makes my skin crawl.

    The sounds seem very good though.

  2. sooo… this just uses the iPad for programming, not sound processing. Which makes me wonder – why doesn’t it just connect to your phone via wireless? Like the Line 6 guitar amps…

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