Native Instruments Damage Now Available

Native Instruments has announced that Damage is now available.

Created by sound design house Heavyocity and powered by the Kontakt 5 engine, the new software instrument provides ‘hard-hitting cinematic percussion for professional movie scoring and high-impact music production’.

In the video, above, Heavyocity talk about the recording process behind Damage, in an in-depth look at their sound design process.

Damage contains over 700 percussive loops as well as 58 kits, based on over 25,000 individual samples recorded in 24bit/96kHz. As a Kontakt-powered instrument, Damage offers all relevant playback and sound shaping functionality through the free Kontakt Player software. All sounds can also be loaded into the full version of the Kontakt 5 sampler for advanced sound editing.

Damage is available now for US $339/229 EUR.

10 thoughts on “Native Instruments Damage Now Available

  1. … Wow! I’m seriously sold! They actually dropped a friggin’ bus for us to use as an instrument!

    This thing sounds amazing!

  2. This is actually really cool. The thing about being able to place individual drums anywhere on the stereofield is interesting as hell.

  3. I like the concept but the price is just way too high for me right now. I wish I could just get a sample pack of clanging metal and falling cars. Is there anything like that?

    1. yeah, like you could totally save money if you just buy a used car and blow it up, then rent a crane, buy a bus, lift the bus up 30 feet and drop it. Also, you’d have to buy a fairly good field recorder and have some nice mics on hand, etc. etc. I don’t think you’d be saving money.

      But you’re right about learning a lot. like how much your neighbors appreciate exploding cars outside their homes.

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