The Kiwitechnics Patch Editor Brings Hardware Control To Vintage Synths

The Kiwitechnics Patch Editor has been designed to add hardware controls for live use to vintage synths that were skimpy in the knob department.

Supported synths include:

Korg DW-6000(1), DW-8000/EX-8000, M1KiwiTechnics 3P Upgrade, Roland JX-3P(2)Juno 1, 2, 106, MKS-7, MKS-50, MKS-70Updated(3)Roland MKS-80Updated, JX-8P(4), JX-10(5)MKS-80 patch now supports all the controls of the MPG-80Sequential Circuits SixTrak, Max(6), Cheetah MS6(7)Oberheim Matrix 1000(8), Waldorf Pulse, Q/Q+Moog Slim & Little Phatty, MidiCC to Sysex translation

Patching a synth through a menu-based system kept the cost of these synths down, but is cumbersome and a barrier to live use.

The Kiwitechnics Patch Editor is priced at NZ $450 (around US $350, as of this post). See the Kiwitechnics site for details.

This is an interesting alternative to software-based custom MIDI controllers for touchscreen controllers and vintage dedicated patch controllers.

If you’ve used the Kiwitechnics Patch Editor, leave a comment with your impressions of it!

4 thoughts on “The Kiwitechnics Patch Editor Brings Hardware Control To Vintage Synths

  1. This could be great with my slim phatty, as it can just sit in it’s rack now. Now I need a wireless midi system…

  2. Purty neat idea. I can see its uses. However, it’s a bit pricey.
    For the same $$$, could could take a Objective C or iOS programming class at your local community college and learn how to write yourself a midi app to your own tastes, then sell it on iTunes…

    I am an original owner of a Juno-1, and I’ve owned several (!) JX8P’s and MKS-70s.
    It’s neat to condense all of these various PG controllers into one box. But with each of these synths, I barely used the PG boxes, and sold them for a tidy profit; especially with a number of AUs that allow midi control of the same parameters.

    I wish them luck in their endeavors with this little unit, but it seems to me their target market is kinda small and excessively specialized. Hope this is a side business for those involved.

  3. Nice to see companies still knocking up some hardware for old school gear. Also original owner of Juno-2. Picked up a PG-300 combo years later to get that “real-time” tweaking satisfaction.

    Very nice product, drop the price a tad and would definitely consider picking this up.

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