The StringStation 40 Stringed Controller Instrument

Saturday Synth Porn: This is a demo and promo video for the StringStation – a new electroacoustic instrument that combines the expression of string instruments with the power of digital technology.

Check out the video and features and let us know what you think of the StringStation concept!

Features of the StringStation include:

  • Computerized surround sound pickup matrix under strings at harmonic hot-spots harnessing three dimensional audio.
  • Computer controlled and programable 3D resonance of 40 strings creates ‘unique sonic fractals’.
  • Digital Sound Modeling allows layering of natural string tones with custom modeled sound waves to offer a ‘wide open palette’.
  • Exceptionally sensitive to tactile nuances of human touch, offering a hyper expressive dynamic play surface unlike any other resonant instrument.

The project is the brainchild of Jim Bartz, who is trying to take the instrument from a prototype to a shipping instrument.

3 thoughts on “The StringStation 40 Stringed Controller Instrument

  1. It looks like a modified pedal steel. The addition of what look like 2nd bridges can offer up a whole new set of sounds, although the whole setup looks like it would be a new learning curve for guitarists and key player (maybe not so much kanun or harp players).

  2. It’s amazing and all.. but i don’t really get it. I bet it would take ages to learn, and what about the cost then? With so many necks, bridges, tuners, strings and digital whatnot, it would cost thousands and thousand of euros, even if it was mass produced. “3d” capabilities are rendered useless in live environment (or have you heard of clubs with surround sound systems?), and in studio you could just play multiple takes with guitar, bass and synths and pan them in 3d space.

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