Livid Eurorack Modular MIDI Controller (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview, via Livid Instruments, of their Modular MIDI Controller system.

There are a lot of interesting features about the new system:

  • You can mix and match modules to create a custom MIDI controller.
  • You can put Eurorack modules in Livid’s case.
  • You can put their modules in a Eurorack rack as part of your modular synth.
  • Their going to make this open to third party developers, to encourage other companies to make MIDI modules in this format.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of Livid’s concept for a modular MIDI controller!

4 thoughts on “Livid Eurorack Modular MIDI Controller (Sneak Preview)

  1. first of all: it’s a great idea, i’ve been thinking about things like that in the past.
    but, i’ve got some critique/ideas concerning switchability and usability.
    first: why screws? when this thing ist built for changing setups regulary, i’d opt for something easier to change, butterfly screws, clasps, velcro, whatever
    second, whats with the cables? choose port with a higher number of pins and keep it solid in the rig, I’m thinking gameboy cartrige or soundcard
    third. I’d built in a tiny rom that identifies the module for supporative software via usb, so you don’t have to reconfigure yourself everytime you rearrange your setup. plug and play, baby

  2. Basically what we’d seen already, plus the words “eurorack” and “hardware development kit” (and unfortunate repetition of the phrase “alls I have to do”).

    I get why Livid would want their stuff to develop into more of a “platform,” but I’m not sure how it’s going to work out for them. Seems like a weird middle ground between an Ohm or Code (already highly configurable, versatile controllers) and building something from scratch with one of their brains. Maybe they don’t intend to serve any market other than eurorack nerds with this.

    Pereonally, I’m interested to see what happens with the kit, otherwise I find just about everything else they’ve done more compelling than this. Those faders look really fiddly, but you can only glean so much from a YouTube video, I suppose.

  3. I get why they did this, and in fact I love this. I would love a 2 up by 4 wide rack to perform. I would love to put my modular noise makers in it too. One rack for MIDI one rack for synth. Imagine Elliot lipp wouldn’t need to bring his ms20 to shows anymore. He only uses it to put drones over his mix. I love it and I want it….. only problem is I need to rethink my modules I’ve already built. It based on a bug brand modular…… I love all livid products.

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