Mute Synth Full Contact Instrument Now Available For Order

Mutebank has announced that the Mute Synth – a hand-held touch and tilt instrument – is now available for order.

It combines sound synthesis with a sequencer/pulser, and it is ‘knobless’. The Mute Synth is controlled by using the conductivity of the human body to complete the instrument’s circuit when the copper etching is touched. There are touch ‘points’ on both sides of the circuit board, and the instrument is designed to be played with thumbs and fingers. Two tilt switches on different planes allow for gestural control of the sequencer.

According to the company, the Mute Synth brings together many Dirty Electronics aesthetics and instrument designs into one device, in particular creating an instrument ‘of the hand’ (in terms of both playing and building), a noise-based device that utilizes feedback, and exploring the relationship between artwork and circuit board.


  • Copper etched PCB artwork
  • Touch and tilt control
  • Two oscillators
  • Feedback network
  • Distortion
  • Filter
  • Sequencer
  • Contoured shape
  • Battery powered – coin cell included (CR2032)
  • Requires amplification
  • Jack output

The Mute Synth is available for order for £60.00. Expected release date is Nov 14th.

via SonicState

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