New Step Sequencer Looks Cool – Until You Lose Your Balls On Stage

Alkex Instruments posted this sneak preview of Ball Beats, an 8 x 6 MIDI drum sequencer. It uses ball bearings as tangible triggers to control your drum sequence.

In the demo, the Ball Beats is triggering Reason Redrum samples, MIDI synched to Ableton Live. Acid bass is provided by Mode Machine’s XoXboX2, and the filter is controlled by TouchOSC on the iPad.

All in all, a visually stunning setup.

Our only concern is this: What happens when you lose your balls on stage? You don’t want to be crawling around on the floor saying you dropped one of your balls, do you?

Check out the sneak preview video and let us know what you think of Ball Beats.

Here’s another demo, via Alkex in the comments:

No details are available yet at the Alkex site.

4 thoughts on “New Step Sequencer Looks Cool – Until You Lose Your Balls On Stage

  1. awesome example of how useless technology could be at times… and how tech addiction of today is ruining our ideas

    i mean it’s done just for being cool on stage – don’t tell that little balls are practical to use

  2. yeah they make it look great. but it’s just a gimmick. if you like silver balls, go to a pachinko parlor and get buckets of them.

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