Build Virtual Instruments With Native Instruments Reaktor

Dubspot Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Instructor Evan Sutton explains how to make basic connections and build a subtractive synthesizer using the built-in modules in Native Instruments Reaktor:

In the second installment, we’ll go even deeper and build our own instrument from the ground up. We’ll be using Reaktor’s Built In Modules, which are tools that range from simple math to complex signal processors. Many of these modules are the basic tools used in modular synthesis. We’ll use these to build a simple synthesizer with one oscillator and an amplitude envelope. Remember to keep the volume down while you’re setting up your modules.

It’s important to explore basic signal flow in Reaktor. There are infinite possibilities for experimentation, but these concepts are the starting point for building larger and more complex ensembles.

If you missed the first tutorial, you can view it below:

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