Tabletop Adds RS4000 Synthesizer

Retronyms has updated Tabletop – its virtual studio for the iPad – to version 1.2.

Here’s what’s new in Tabletop 1.2:

  • New RS4000: Powerful Synth
  • Easy sharing using SoundCloud
  • New Gridlok & M8RX samples from +verb
  • Bugfixes & performance improvements
Tabletop is currently available for .99 in the App Store. Some virtual instruments are in-app purchases.

12 thoughts on “Tabletop Adds RS4000 Synthesizer

  1. Tabletop would be my most regretted purchase for the iPad.

    They say “[the initial price] includes 9 of the 15 available devices. For just 15 bucks you get over $50 worth of gear:”

    The ‘free’ devices include an audio output, and the ability to record your songs.


    They also include a preset only synth, a preset only drum machine. The only module which is worth anything is their sample pad player.

    Currently the app is on sale at .99c, which I think is about a dollar more than it’s worth.

    1. I’m not disliking your comment cause you raise very good points, but I think this app has some capabilities and is increasingly becoming more attractive… that is, once they realize that the pay-per-module model is stupid and shysty. Therefore, I think the idea that this app should be free is a little ridiculous. The program isn’t perfect by any means, but it is an interesting workflow and has potential.

      I would pay 9.99 for a complete version of this app, perhaps even 14.99. (which I reluctantly paid for Rebirth solely out of nostalgia, to later find that while I miss the original software, it just simply wasn’t made for the ipad and is kinda clunky and ugly.) But I simply refuse to participate in the per-module scheme.

  2. I would really like them to have a module sale again. 10$ is steep for an in app purchase for a type of synth I own a dozen versions of already.

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