Get 25GB Of Cloud Backup On Gobbler For Free

Andrew Reinfeld, the Community Manager, for, contacted us to let us know that Gobbler really is an online tool for backing up and managing audio projects, and not a porn site.


So, to help clear up any confusion, here’s the scoop.

Gobbler is an Internet ‘cloud’ service designed specifically for the needs of the music creation community. It works with Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Nuendo, GarageBand, Cubase, Reason, Studio One and most other major DAWs.

You can use Gobbler to:

  • Backup your audio files offsite, in case your system dies;
  • Send and receive huge audio files; and
  • Organize audio and index audio files.

To prove to you that Gobbler’s really a cloud tool for musicians, they’re offering 25GB Gobbler accounts free for one year to anyone who signs up before December 7th. If your monster project is just too big for that, paid upgrades for larger storage capacities will be coming after they get Gobbler out of their testing stage.

See the Gobbler site for details.

And if you give Gobbler a try, let us know what you think of it!

Note: Gobbler is currently Mac only. Windows support is promised, but no released date has been announced.

5 thoughts on “Get 25GB Of Cloud Backup On Gobbler For Free

  1. Apart from a questionable name that makes me cringe everytime I tell someone about it, it is absoultely fantastic. The best thing about it, that wasn’t mentioned in the article, is the incredibly fast transfer times that they have managed to achieve regardless of your internet connnection. Its easy enough to send files to people, though I am hoping they improve the transfer so that its easy to connect and share with other users within the interface. I’m not complaining about getting free backup tho, top notch! Everyone should be on this.

  2. This is seriously a dream come true for producers. Even with external drives, having a third, wireless option is SO convenient….

    Just hope that Amazon’s servers don’t go down/get hacked!!!!

  3. Hi guys,

    I want to thank the Synthtopia community for being a part of the Gobbler beta & for helping us get this right! Gobbler’s been spending a lot of time on speed & scalability and we’ll be implementing A LOT more features in the coming months. If there’s some way that Gobbler is not quite working out for you…Let us know in our community at and I’ll address your issue/feature request & try my best to get it into our development pipeline.I watch this community like a hawk & we are all about making Gobbler the best product for music creators!


    Community Manager
    andrew at gobbler dot com

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