Open Labs Music OS 3.0 Optimized For Touch Screens

Open Labs has introduced Music OS 3.0, a music creation and performance app developed and optimized for touch screen use.

Here’s what they have to say about MOS 3.0:

MOS was engineered to work in conjunction with traditional D.A.W. programs; leveraging existing studio investments and adding strong value, features and capabilities in areas where most musicians need it – the creative and live performance process. One can think of MOS as a professional ‘scratch pad’ when creating and performing music. MOS emphasizes ease-of-use, stability and power all at an affordable introductory price of $299/USD.

As most musicians already know, music production and performance has come a long way over the last 10 years, but the complexity of traditional hardware and software (as advanced and affordable as it has become) can sometimes work against its creators and performing artists. Scott Spock, mega producer and advocate of MOS, sums it up best, “Sometimes it takes so much time to get my studio set up that I lose the creative ideas in my head before I can get them recorded.” Most musicians, producers and performers can relate to this scenario; this is exactly why Open Labs created MOS.

With MOS, a producer is just two clicks away (or touches via a touch screen) from recording or performing music live. MOS offers unique features, such as Live Controls and Elastique, allowing users to time-strech audio and create customizable controls that can latch to any music software, VST, and hardware device. Essentially, what this means is that MOS can transform any D.A.W. into a live instrument program with touch screen friendly controls.

Additionally, MOS allows users to import / export their musical ideas into traditional D.A.W.’s for further editing, mixing and mastering. If users already have a completed project and would like to perform with their D.A.W. tracks live on stage using MOS (i.e. using prerecorded backing tracks), all they have to do is export / import their tracks into MOS for greater performance, touch screen friendly control and stability.

You can download a free trial of Music OS 3.0 at the Open Labs site.

Note: Open Labs plans to release an Apple OS X supported platform in early 2012.

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