Special Effects Gone Wild – New App Auto-Tunes Your Phone Calls, Charges You By The Minute

Developer NewHula has released Auto-Tune for the iPhone – an app that lets you Auto-Tune your phone calls.

While previous apps have let you record your singing with Auto-Tune, now you can ‘surprise, amuse and shock your friends with live Auto-Tune phone calls.’

It may be that they are surprised, amused and shocked that you spent $1.99 on this app so you could talk to them like T-Pain.

There’s some fine print on this app that may ‘surprise, amuse and shock’ you, too:

The first 30 minutes of outbound calling time are free. Afterwards you can add time for just pennies a minute with the convenience of in app purchasing. So you can even use the app to make low cost long distance calls with no Auto-Tune effect. Just dial 8 before the 10 digit phone number.

Is this something Antares really wants their name associated with?

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