9 thoughts on “Doom Interview (Madrid 2011)

    1. keytard – please avoid personal attacks on other commenters, musicians.

      Dis what they do, what they say – but not them as people.

      1. Hey, any guy who sits onstage wearing a silly mask while trying to act serious invites criticism and ridicule. You’d make fun of a guy who went to work at McDonalds dressed as a gladiator, or a woman dressed as super girl trying to sell you real estate. Why take this guy seriously, regardless of what you think of his music?

        And while we are at it, what people do and say IS who they are “as people”!

  1. @ keytard you are a complete dork. Take a listen to Madvillian. You might have to eject your Tangerine Dream CD for a few minutes.

    He’s always been know for years mostly as MF Doom, and although he is a producer he’s most know as an MC, one of the best there is IMO. I’m a huge fan, its nice to see something hiphop related on Synthtopia, Hiphop has become a synth heavy genre.

      1. Serious comment here… free speech says anyone can express that they don’t like people. I don’t think keycard’s comments were “an attack”, even with the inclusion of his colorful description. An attack constitutes hostility, a lot of mistruths, a string of racist remarks, or even threats toward that person. Simply saying “this guy sucks” is not an attack, it’s an opinion.

        300 million + people in North America alone, and tons more on the whole planet. We aren’t all going to like each other, regardless of what your grade school teachers told you!

        1. Calling someone a “dousche bag” is hostile, belittling and dismissive. I am not familiar with Doom, and I admit to an unfounded suspicion that the mask may hype an otherwise less inspiring musical talent. But it may also be a fun and creative expression by a brilliant entertainer. I’ll reserve complete judgement until after I check out his music. Also, I disagree with your implication that not liking someone is equal to name-calling, or that free-speech is an ideal that prevents us from identifying fruitless discourse or bullying. I think the moderator may be trying to protect this forum as a place to exchange ideas and opinions relevant to music and sound made by synths. If your opinion is that the costume limits you from enjoying this guys contribution, I think that’s welcome; or even that you don’t like his music altogether. Keeping the discussion relevant to the topic and limiting name-calling is helpful and welcome, in my opinion.

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