Twin Shadow At The Moog Sound Lab

Twin Shadow AKA George Lewis Jr. plays the Moog Guitar in the Moog Sound Lab. Lewis’ guitar and vocals are running through the Analog Delay Moogerfooger.

Keyboardist Wynne Bennett uses the Little Phatty to lay down a bass line throughout the song with her left hand. With her right hand she plays a Minimoog Voyager XL, which is MIDI controlling Moog’s iPad synthesizer, Animoog, enabling her to play polyphonically.

Bass player Russell Manning plays the Moog Guitar, using the control pedal to sweep the cutoff of the guitar’s internal ladder filter, to create a wah-like effect that adds a funky dub feel interwoven with the percussion.

Michael Hutcherson plays a Minimoog Old School Voyager & drummer Andy Bauer is playing three Minimoog Voyager Rack Mounts as percussion instruments, triggering each one separately using the Trap-Kat XL drum pads.

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