KORG nanoSERIES 2 USB-MIDI Controllers (Video Overview)

Korg introduced their nanoSERIES 2 Slim-line USB-MIDI Controllers early in the year, at the 2011 NAMM Show. They’ve just released this video, though, which gives an overview of each of the controllers in the series.

  • The nanoKEY2 is equipped with 25 velocity-sensing keys.
  • For entering drum parts, the nanoPAD2 offers 16 responsive pads and an X-Y touchpad.
  • The nanoKONTROL2 offers knobs, switches, and faders – for controlling any DAW computer based DAW or numerous types of other music production software.
The nanoSeries 2 controllers are available now for around $50.


2 thoughts on “KORG nanoSERIES 2 USB-MIDI Controllers (Video Overview)

  1. The first nanoPAD had such abysmal reliability – I hope that the nanoPAD2 lasts for more than a month or two of use.

    Although I still use the nanoKONTROL and like it quite a bit, I replaced Korg’s broken nanoPAD and mediocre nanoKEY with Akai’s LPD8 and LPK25 and never looked back.

    I occasionally wish that the LPK25 had pitch bend, but I don’t think I’d like to give up its excellent arpeggiator. It’s my weapon of choice for laptop techno, and also works great with the iPad.

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