Amazing Machines MIDITribe Unboxing

A lot of Synthtopia readers love the Korg Monotribe. The just as many have said, “If it only had MIDI……”

The Amazing Machines MIDITribe mod does just that – adds a little MIDI action to the Monotribe. Here’s an unboxing and demo video for the MIDITribe.

You can get details on the MIDITribe at the Amazing Machines site.

9 thoughts on “Amazing Machines MIDITribe Unboxing

  1. Excellent news! It was the only thing missing to this cool little machine, really love this cheap analog gear korg is releasing. Will order the midi kit definitely.

  2. Hi everyone,

    We would like to thank you for your interest in our product. A special thanks goes to FSK1138 for taking his time making this great unboxing video. Just to avoid any confusion we would like to state the following:

    1 – Selling price is $75,00 USD
    2 – Shipping price is $ 24,00 USD (Priority Mail International, Insured with Tracking Number)
    3 – We are not here to fool anyone, the parts are cheap, yes they are, still we always try to pick the best available parts. But we are not selling parts here, are we? No, what we sell is a complete solution, instant gratification, no soldering work is involved, a well written manual, high quality parts, top quality but yet, cheap priced shipping and so on…

    We are one of those lucky companies which have the honor of been hosted by the Muff Wiggler’s Forums, you may find some interesting information about the MIDITRIBE and much more there:

    Many thanks,
    Amazing Machines

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